Federal Hockey League: Danville


Who is your favorite Dasher? Part 2

on Dec 24, 2013

We asked fans during the December 22nd home game against Dayton who their favorite player is and why. Here are their responses:

#39 Larkin Saalfrank

"I've watched him grow up as a hockey player." -- Lyndi Saalfrank, 19, Ft. Wayne, IN, Larkin's sister

#9 Joe Pace, #27 Brandon Blair and #23 Edgars Ozolins

"Joe is not as quiet as he used to be. They're all feisty out there. I like the coach also. He stands up for his boys." -- Tiffany Wells, 30, Tilton

#9 Joe Pace

"He's a bad-a** hockey player. All around good hockey player." -- Ashley Rush, 26, Danville

#8 Ryan Stern and #9 Joe Pace

"Because Ryan's cute and Joe's an awesome player." -- Anonymous female fan, 29, Westville

#23 Edgars Ozolins

"Because he's a big goon and a big physical kid. He lived with us last year." -- Michael Fricke, 15, Mahomet

#9 Joe Pace

"Good guy." -- Ann Bateman, Danville

#9 Joe Pace

"I like his style of play. He's an enforcer." -- Sean Dawson, 23, Lafayette, IN

#27 Brandon Blair

"Because he's cute." -- Mackenzie Honn, 21, Lafayette, IN

#9 Joe Pace

"He performs well with teamwork and plays aggressively. He's dedicated to the team." -- Devyn Oldani, 18, Westville

#16 Justin Barr

"Because he scored." -- Rashelle Carpenter, 14, Danville

#27 Brandon Blair

"He plays smooth on the ice and he's good with the puck. He plays solid defense all around." -- Nathan Bouton, 25, Georgetown

#9 Joe Pace

"Because he's nice and good." -- Robbie Jaruseski, 11, Danville

#9 Joe Pace

"He's a good player. He has a nice name." -- Tim Mills, 11, Danville

#4 Jamie Zaleski and #24 Dustin Henning --

"They come in to eat at the restaurant where I work. Dustin is in charge of protecting my coffee cup." -- Kelli Ajdinoski, Danville

#27 Brandon Blair

"He's a tank. Everybody's scared of him. He's how I would be if I played hockey -- he's an enforcer." -- Aaron Whitlow, 19, Potomac